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Online services: Activate’s destination marketing specialists are not only skilled at enlivening physical spaces like Moretown and Smithson Plaza, they’re experts at creating a buzz online too.

Over the past year, a growing element of the team’s destination marketing service has involved supporting many of our clients with online services such as web development, design, and user experience requirements.

At The Quadrangle, a four-storey mixed-use site in Cheltenham including a roof-top restaurant, the team is currently collaborating with retailers to roll out a refreshed digital communications and enlivenment programme. Meanwhile, there is plenty planned for office occupiers at the site, including a website refresh to encourage community building and boost occupier engagement.

Return on client investment

The Activate team are experts in social media communication, which they closely track, measure, and analyse for effect on sales, footfall, and occupier community building, to demonstrate return on our clients’ investment.

For The Springs shopping centre in Buxton, the team launched a new website just in time for Christmas. Meanwhile, across four South Street Capital-owned and Workman-managed retail parks, the Activate team has boosted social media engagement, aiming to enhance the local visibility of the retail park, and resulting in increased customer engagement.

And it doesn’t end there, photography and videography play an increasingly vital role in our online services showcasing the facilities and occupiers within retail spaces and workplaces alike. Recently, the Activate team refreshed the on-site videography at Putney Exchange to showcase the scheme’s independent occupiers, key facilities, and the café culture in the local area.

How can we help?

To find out more about how Workman’s Activate Placemaking and Destination Marketing team can support retail and workplaces both digitally and physically, please contact Emma Henson.

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