Activate conceives and delivers viable placemaking solutions through a combination of consultancy advice and operational management within the following sectors:

Business Parks

The service within business parks focuses on developing and delivering a comprehensive park-wide occupier engagement programme and advising on the amenities required to meet occupier expectations. The aim of the programme is to promote collaboration, wellbeing and enrichment through events, a dedicated onsite community management function and frequent occupier engagement.  

This approach creates an enriched and engaged culture across the business park and plays an important role in enhancing occupier satisfaction, contributes to occupier retention and showcases the business parks overall offer to potential new occupiers.

Retail & Leisure

Activate develop, implement and promote commercially viable placemaking solutions for retail and leisure schemes. Whether generating concepts for void spaces, revitalising destinations or masterplanning developments, , the service is uniquely placed to respond to today’s challenging retail environment.

We curate and deliver a vibrant range of pop-ups, markets, events and experiences, supported by the team’s extensive sales and destination marketing experience. This ground-up approach embraces leisure and other non-retail uses with the aim of increasing footfall, repurposing space and reconnecting retail places with the local community.


The service within offices is flexible depending on the size and scale of the building. As with business parks, Activate develop a programme which adds value to the individual employee’s experience of working within each building, and provides the employer with a built-in solution which, as well as providing stimulation and social interaction for their employees, drives performance and productivity by connecting them to the local community and fellow occupiers.

Regular engagement with occupiers is undertaken in order to create a programme of activities based on their requirements, supported by communication via digital platforms, tenant meetings and through the building manager.